Thursday, July 07, 2005

the madness continues

"Whosoever should slay an innocent man, it is as if he had slain all men. And who ever saves an innocent man has saved all men." (Qur'an 5,32)

Today my thoughts and prayers are for the victims of the London attack. The dead in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine benefit nothing from the mindless slaughter of civilians. The reactions on the muslim blogs I follow regularly have been eloquent: islamicate, veiled4allah, degrouchyowl, muslimwakeup and sajshirazi.

Any idea how many muslims were riding the subway and the bus lines when the attack was launched? Does it even matter anymore who kills who? How do you stop the madness when neither side is capable of understanding the other's fears?

Maybe some day we'll all just get so tired of living in a state of constant terror that we'll resort to more humane ways of settling our differences. Insha' Allah...