Sunday, October 28, 2007

I could get used to this...

Just can't get enough of it.
A sickness, perhaps?
Or a longing fulfilled...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Lists seem to have replaced more sophisticated forms of writing in a way similar to electronically generated pulses replacing real music in our day. Another effect of the myspace brainshrinking pathogen, maybe.

It's hard, though, not to fall prey.
I apologize in advance for what follows.

Things that have surprised me recently, but probably shouldn't have

1. Neither the Archbishop nor any official Catholic spokesperson has condemned the burlesque and insulting invasion of the Mass by protesters in drag who call themselves the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence". That is scandalous, although not shocking.

2. The LC sicced its high-paid lawyers on ReGain (pitiful, self-obsessed, insignificant ReGain) in the hopes of ...what? Recovering 'private' writings that are all over the web? Fulfilling its adamantly affirmed policy of suffering calumny silently and turning the other cheek? Scaring off other potential or actual critics with scientology-like tactics? Smells like pay-back to me. This, too, is scandalous. The only thing surprising about it is how oblivious those responsable apparently are to the degree of scandal given to thoughtful and honest LC and RC members. Very painful.

3. The Yankees can spend $28 mil for Roger Clemens to pitch 12 games and still not get past the first round of the ALDS. Must be Torre's fault. They should fire that guy.

4. Derek Jeter is now expected to pay for his hookers' parking. What is the world coming to? New York definitely has to take better care of their role models...

5. The eastern access to the Panama Canal is actually further west than the Pacific coast access of the canal. I got to see it all very close up. Spectacular.

6. The Lipitor I've been taking for the last three years was never meant to be a suppository.

Oh, well. Live and learn.