Wednesday, July 06, 2005

is Angelina for real?

I probably express a fairly common sentiment when I say that celebrities who cast themselves as experts on the deepest problems facing humanity make me throw up a little bit.

That's why Angelina Jolie has me in a quandry.

She has just adopted an Ethiopian AIDS orphan of less than a year old. She went to Addis Ababa, paid $20G, did the paperwork and took home a baby girl who otherwise would still languish among the other 5 million hopeless Ethiopian orphans. Ms. Jolie already has an adopted three year old Cambodian son. Maddox.

Adopting babies is serious business. More serious than giving millions to charity, which, apparently, Ms. Jolie also does. Definitely more serious than playing a rock concert whose logo is the African continent in the shape of a guitar. Music is cheap. Talk is cheap. Adopting babies is anything but.

I am perplexed by Angelina Jolie. Could it be that, beneath the lunacy and shallowness of Hollywood for which she has often been the covergirl, a caring heart beats in the Tomb Raider?

Two orphans. What are two adopted babies out of the millions of discarded children that wander the earth? The plight of children abandoned through war, famine, Aids and poverty is numbing.

One thing I do know, however. If this world is to be saved, it will be done one soul at a time.

Just maybe Angelina has done the math.