Thursday, January 03, 2008


Misa con motetes. Juego intercomunitario. Merienda cena.
Chi-qui-ti bun-ba-di bin-bun-ba...

January 3 always brings back a flood of memories, perhaps not as distant as they now feel. The LC was founded 67 years ago and we remember, either in community or in solitude. Even with all the rewriting, intertwined myth and midrash and the chapters that will remain forever unknown, it’s a remarkable history. One that none of us should be ashamed to be part of.

But today especially I remember Pope John Paul II who became successor of Peter at the same time I began my journey toward the priesthood. His words, his spirit and his selfless dedication to the Church have been my foundation and inspiration.

Not long ago – November 25, Solemnity of Christ the King – I was finally able to make a dedication in honor of this great Pope to whom I have always felt closely linked. A very fine image of John Paul II was blessed and installed in a space we prepared for this purpose at the parish. He stands firm, in green chasuble grasping his processional crucifix, right hand extended in salute to the faithful who rallied to his deep voice: “Non abbiate paura! Spalancate le porte a Cristo!

Too soon? Not yet a saint, you say?

We’re just ahead of the curve, that’s all. The liturgical calendar will catch up soon enough.

17 years ago today I was ordained by Pope John Paul II.

To all my brothers in Christ, ordained on that day at St. Peter’s in Rome, my congratulations and prayers.