Sunday, September 25, 2005

rubber people

Went to see the Cirque du Soleil (cool website) Friday night. Their current show is called Varekai, which, if their program notes are to be believed, means "wherever" in some exotic gypsy tongue.

I might have named the show 'the epiphany of the rubber people'. It was akin to Gary Larson's rendering of 'the boneless chicken farm'. These people have no skeleton, no rigid osseous structure that keeps their squishy vital organs in order. They bend in the wrong places.

Varekai is two hours of visual overload. Between the costumes, the dance and the acrobatics it's hard to take it all in. Loosely constructed around the story of Icarus' fall to earth and his quest to return to the skies, each scene is an opportunity to put the troop's astounding gymnsatics on stage.

A real artsy escape... if you're willing to cough up the equally extravagant ticket price.